Happy Birthday, Margaret Atwood!

None of her books are on our official reading list, but we love Margaret Atwood and are pretty sure that Daria would, too! (How could she not love dystopian speculative fiction?) Today is Atwood’s 75th birthday, so to celebrate, here is a photo of her sporting a mustache in honor of former Canadian astronaut and author Chris Hadfield at the Toronto International Book Fair.

We highly recommend everything she has ever written. Also, check out this list from BookRiot with 75 Reasons Why Margaret Atwood is Awesome, her recent interview with Goodreads, her Reddit AMA from last year, and read her new book Stone Mattress.


Happy Birthday, William Shakespeare!

Photo credit Dean Beattie http://www.eastwing.co.uk/news/?p=504

Photo credit Dean Beattie http://www.eastwing.co.uk/news/?p=504


On this day (much disputed due to no actual record of the day of his birth) in 1564, William Shakespeare was born!

Happy 450th Birthday, Bill!

To learn more about the Bard, visit our author bio here.